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About project uikki.com: relaxation and tourism in Ukraine - the fun and healthy

You're on a new service - uikki.com, which combined in itself all that is necessary for the tourist, traveler or just a person who is seeking a place for relaxation, entertainment or treatment in Ukraine!

In recent, vacation in Ukraine not less popular than abroad:

  • Picturesque locations, sung by poets and historians;
  • A lot of ancient monuments and various attractions that any tourist would want to visit during the holidays;
  • Unique Resorts: mineral, thermal, spa, beach and ski;

Have fun - vacation in Ukraine can be all year round! Rest in Ukraine will bring great experience and will leave only positive emotions. The combination of temperate climate and the presence of the coast of the two seas - the Sea of Azov and the Black is for lovers of beach holidays.

Rest on the Sea of Azov for wanting to come here with children - this is the most shallow and warm sea in the world! Active recreation and tourism will appreciate the Crimean Mountains and the Carpathians - some combine subtropical climate and proximity to the sea, while others will enjoy the similarities with the Alps! Choose a vacation for the heart!

By the way, the price range is very wide - to rest in Ukraine can be like a very low cost rates, so and to arrange a VIP-class vacation! Service uikki.com help determine the choice of resorts, hotels, boarding houses, hospitals, city hotel, and others. Convenient classification immediately allows you to select the desired price range, view pictures and find the contact information!

Our service is suitable not only for tourists or vacationers - anyone who has to trip to another city, will be able to find a hotel with uikki.com - we are universal!

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